What to buy a baby, when you don’t have a baby?

Has your best friend just had a new baby, are you invited to a family members 1st birthday or do you have a Christening to attend to on the weekend and you need to bring along a gift?

As we hit the 30 year mark that’s what our weekends seem to be filled with, long gone are the days of going out to night clubs and boozy long lunches. They are now replaced with children’s birthday parties, baby showers and feeling like the only one at an event drinking your second bottle of rose.

Welcome to adulthood and not having a child 🙂

The hard question is, what do you buy a child when you don’t have one? All your friends that have babies buy practical gifts for these events such as nipple shields, breast pumps and nail clippers. You sit there at baby showers as the mum to be opens these gifts thinking to yourself “OMG, what are these things? What do they do? Do you really need all this stuff when you have a new baby? Will people buy me all of the things that I don’t know I need when I have a baby? I might pour another glass of rose.”


That being said, it’s not all doom and gloom being out of the loop when it comes to gift giving for babies. There are benefits of buying gifts when you don’t have your own bundle of joy. I get to be the fun aunt that buys cute/fun gifts for all of the bubs, that yes may not be practical but hey, kids have to rock around in cute outfits and accessories. What else are all the mums going to use when they want to upload ‘those’ Instagram photos of their kids.

Normally when I get that invite for the upcoming event I head straight to the standard Zara or Seed kids, I always find the most gorgeous pieces there – and let me tell you, kids clothes…. they aint cheap. Who would have thought something so small could cost so much?

A good friend of mine recently had a new baby girl so I gave her an Avalon Bebe blanket, the mum LOVED it! She has been rocking her bub around in her pram with her new trendy blankie. Sure the blanket doesn’t help with day to day life like a pair of nipple shields would, but the kid looks cute, stays warm and i’m sure all the other mums at the park are envious.

All this talk of babies has made me thirsty, if you need me i’ll be having a rose.

Lana (the fun aunt) xoxo